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Attached is a sample photo of lanyards we have had made previously with a different manufacturer, ca From Artilanyard

Yes, we can do as similar as possible to your sample, it can match over 95%, if you can give us your sample for reference it will be much better.

Why do I have to pay for shipping and handling? From Artilanyard

Shipping and Handling are fees for the shipper to deliver your merchandise and the packaging of your order. We charge published shipping rates which are calculated based on where you live and what you order.                       &nbs...

How do I request a proof? From Artilanyard

Once your order is placed, you can contact our friendly customer service agents via phone, chat, or email to request a proof. Your order will  be placed on a hold until you give us word that you approve of everything. Please be advised that you should contact us as soon as possible in ...

What does "as low as" mean? From Artilanyard

When we refer to the "as low as" price of a product, that means that the item at its highest quantity break is offered at that price.

Why is the online price different than the price I received in the mail or email? From Artilanyard

Prices can vary based on the offer you received. In order to receive sale pricing, you will need to reference the coupon code included on the  special offer you received.

What are over/under runs? From Artilanyard

We try to produce your order in the quantity specified, but we reserve the right to ship and bill up to 5% over or under the desired quantity. If you receive additional items and do not wish to keep them, you may return them and we will gladly issue a refund.         &...

Can I cancel or change my order after it is placed? From Artilanyard

If you need to cancel or change your order after it has been placed, please contact customer service and speak with one of our friendly agents.

Can I order less than the minimum quantity? From Artilanyard

As a rule, the minimum quantities are established by our factories' production restrictions and therefore cannot be changed. Certain items, however, can be ordered at less than the minimum quantity for an additional charge. These items are usually indicated and the additional charges ...

What is a custom logo? From Artilanyard

  We recognize the importance of promoting your company, event or school. To assist you, we will imprint your company's logo for an additional charge.     A custom logo is generally an image that represents your organizations identity. All custom logos require clear ...

Can I get some discount? From Artilanyard

Our prices are always the lowest in the market for lanyards. We can assure you that there will be no company in the market that will be able to provide a lower price and faster turnaround than our company.

Are there any hidden fees? From Artilanyard

Our company is transparent on exactly what we charge our customers. Your charges will be displayed to you multiple times throughout the checkout process before you confirm you order. You will not be charged anything besides what your order total states.

How can I get a tracking number of my order that has been shipped? From Artilanyard

When your order shipped, our sales will send email to inform it.